What Makes Happiness

The minute I saw this image, I just knew I had to post it… for two reasons.

First, it reminds me of the Philippines, where I grew up… Beautiful islands where you never fail to gasp as you see the sunset flaming the sky in different shades of orange.

Second, it reminds me that we don’t need too much in life to be happy. We just have to enjoy what we have… The gorgeous sunset, the air we breathe for free, the love of our family and friends, the faith in a God who loves us… and the list goes on.

Yes, we are but human and we like having nice expensive things and the extra money to pay for them… but while we are getting there, let’s stop and smell the roses, ok?

And I mean it literally, too. Remember, we are blessed with 5 or is it 6 senses? Use them and enjoy what you have and be happy.