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There is a fable of a man who died and went to heaven. An angel greeted him and offered a tour of heaven’s grandeur. Along the way, the man noticed an unusual building with no windows and only one door. Asking to see it, the man was advised that he really would not want to see what was inside. But the man pleaded to see what was in the building. Once inside, he saw rows and rows of shelves from floor to ceiling, all filled with beautifully decorated boxes. Examining them further, he found one that had his name written on the tag. Again, against the warning of the angel, the man opened the box. Instantly, he recognized its contents. They were blessings that God had intended for him to enjoy on earth which he had not  accepted or wishes he had in his heart which he had not asked for.​      

So ask for and receive your boxes of blessings now.


This is one thing that we always search for but oftentimes is elusive to us. We may have everything we need and want but there is always something lacking. “Just Be Happy” is coming soon. Watch for it!


Abundance in all good things, especially in money, is a dream we all desire to be fulfilled. Passion and focus can make attaining wealth fun and more fun. Overworking is not a prerequisite.


We work when we are young to provide for our families and to save for our retirement. But when are we going to enjoy what we have been working for? ​Learn how to keep healthy and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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4 Simple Steps to Make a Gratitude Journal

Life is short and should be filled with abundance in all ways… happiness, good health, loving relationships, a great career, and financial freedom.

​Wouldn't you like a tool to help you achieve this? A Gratitude Journal is the answer. Simply list down all the good things that happened to you during the day, for which you are grateful. Start with 3 things and get the abundance ball rolling.

You have nothing to lose yet you have everything to gain, because abundance will come your way... and that's a promise.

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What's Inside?

More exciting topics to come!


Getting in touch with one’s spiritual side can be achieved in many ways --- quiet reflection, prayer, meditation, yoga, mantras, chanting, worship music, communing with nature and the list goes on. The journey will be revealing and the results just fascinating.


Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices towards, a more successful existence. This definition of wellness by the National Wellness Institute has six dimensions, developed by Dr. Bill Hettler, its co-founder. They are the physical, occupational, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social dimensions ( Let’s explore these as we go on.

Human Relationships

Man is not an island. He will not survive long without relationships. We all need this strong, deep association with others; otherwise life becomes dull and difficult. It starts from the time a baby is born, some say even before that. We shall delve into this very important topic, too.

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